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Leading Liberty

May 4, 2017

Will the LP ever break out of the minor party mindset?

If it’s true that more Americans identify as independents than as Republicans or Democrats (it is), then what’s it going to take for those voters to start taking a third party seriously?

It’s a tough question, and no one has a better answer than Larry Sharpe.

Larry was the Libertarian Party’s runner-up for Vice President of the United States in 2016, and he’s still grinding away at helping Libertarians find more effective ways to communicate all our awesome ideas.

So here’s what you’ll learn in this episode of Leading Liberty:

  • The biggest mistake Libertarians make when it comes to attracting new friends to the freedom movement
  • How to have a constructive conversation with progressives about healthcare and Social Security
  • How to respond to social conservatives who object to legalization, gay marriage, etc on Biblical grounds
  • The ONE word Libertarians need to stop using
  • A 7-year plan to put Libertarians in control of Congress (really)
  • The 6 people every campaign needs to make it work
  • The ONE question you can ask at your next meeting to help your local LP get its act together
  • And lots more!

So on that note, let’s dive into the interview. (It’s such a good one!)

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Resources in this episode:

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian on Facebook

Larry Sharpe’s Recommended Reading List

The Libertarian Leadership Academy

Threads of Liberty, The Look Sharpe Collection

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